Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Beginning

There was a Xanga blog.  Okay, that wasn't the beginning, but it was a while ago.  And while it was not the beginning, it began by mentioning the beginning.

I'll start at the beginning.  Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a soldier fighting for justice.  Various things happened, and when I was free of various other obligations I went ahead and joined the U.S. Army.  There were bits I found less than satisfactory, but overall I was pretty enthused.  When I separated, I had cause to reflect on the nature of my military experience and to consider the system as a whole, and came to the conclusion that our military is very poorly designed, particularly for the defense of a free society.
For a long time I simply resisted the impulse to rejoin the military, flawed as it is.  I would occasionally try to explain what I felt was wrong with it and how it could be made better, but only to family and close aquaintances.  As I've gotten more experience about the way the world works, it occurs to me that I was being unnecessarily fatalistic.  I never tried suggesting ways of improving the military to anyone who could actually do anything about it.  And yet...because of my fatalism in general, I've also never gotten any experience in petitioning my representatives, also known as "being a kook."
So here I am, looking for advice on kook letter writing in general and refinement of my ideas for restructuring the military to depend partly (or even primarily) on guys who love freedom enough to put their lives on the line for it, even if they love it too much to give it up for years so they can serve under officers they don't know for causes they didn't choose.


  1. great pic, and insight.God be w/you
    all free men are brothers........

  2. Hi CCL,
    Just ran into you on "Sipsey Street Irregulars" well I've seen you there for a little while now. 'Been on "Sipsey" since about when Mike started Posting..... 'Just wondering....are you one of us??
    Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!,
    PS It's not hard to find me....unlike you all I know is that you are chew chung what ever from some obscure place in the blogsphere. Wanna' know who I am???? Hehehehehe!!! My name is me now "Go Fish!"

    1. There are sets in which I am included and sets from which I am excluded. I own and possess firearms, and I do not receive any protections from those who pretend authority to make laws. So in the literal sense, I'm an outlaw who's got guns.

      But I don't know if that's really what you mean by "us". Nor is it entirely satisfactory to me as a definition of a group with which I would readily identify because there have often been criminals or bandits who had guns and lived outside the protections of 'the law', though such are relatively rare today.

      And having guns and being outside the protections accorded by supposed 'laws' is pretty incidental to my personal identity. I'm more interested in the pursuit of justice than transient externals.