Friday, January 20, 2012

And eventually I decided to just freelance.

I recently began commenting on Gates of Vienna, a Counter-Jihad site which I have followed for some time.  Sadly, my actual first comment was lost to cyberspace, and I don't really recall what it was anyway.  I suppose it was a kind of introduction.  This was partly to pass time as I tried to forward the judicial proceedings arising from my attempts to hold the police accountable for their actions towards me in regards to my assertion that those that assert the authority to publish and enforce the law must obey it themselves.  But it is also because a critical element of the Counter-Jihad is rediscovering the essential greatness of Western Civilization, which consists of the elevation of the dignity and freedom of the individual in the context of a society ruled by law rather than arbitrary whims of the powerful.


  1. Hi, I've followed your comments on GoV. There are a few of you who comment there (Segundo is another) who I think have a very well-informed and nuanced grasp of things (particularly in a global context).

    I'm not sure if you are aware of this site:

    I try to share my research and analysis there rather than on GoV or JihadWatch quite simply because 4F is more structured. Thought that goes into a comment doesn't just roll into the the pile of past blogs and their comments.

    Stop by and see if it will not be a more productive way to share your views.

  2. After examining the basic principles of the site you mention, I have decided that I could not possibly feel free to express myself fully under the restrictions imposed by any one of these "freedoms". I therefore seriously doubt I could make any serious contribution to any site that required my compliance with all four of them. Nor would I find much interest in saying anything that I could say without transgressing those "freedoms".

    A full explication of my reasons can be found here.